Home Community 9 AI Tools That You Would Haven’t Heard of But You Should Visit

9 AI Tools That You Would Haven’t Heard of But You Should Visit

9 AI Tools That You Would Haven’t Heard of But You Should Visit

Calls may now be recorded in a way that was before not possible with the assistance of the tldv meeting recorder for Google Meet and Zoom. With the tldv Chrome extension, you may capture every nugget of wisdom out of your next Google Meet conversation in crystal-clear audio and video. Video recordings can be found for fast playback, and a transcript can also be provided. Recordings could also be timestamped, edited, and shared with the assistance of tldv. Google Meet could also be recorded and transcribed mechanically without cost.

WavTool, powered by artificial intelligence, is a free, browser-based music creation platform. The tool goals to create high-quality music with features including side-chain compression, sophisticated synthesis, and versatile signal routing. The conductor is a brand new addition to WavTool that offers easy-to-understand instructions for making music, similar to chord suggestions, rhythm creation, and melody generation.

Thumbly.ai is an AI-powered platform that uses YouTube data shown to be helpful in attracting viewers to supply engaging thumbnails for user-uploaded videos. Use this tool for YouTube producers to create compelling thumbnails out of your video script to spice up views and earnings. Thumbly.ai goals to get people inquisitive about a video enough to click on it by making engaging thumbnails. One in every of the tool’s best features is an AI-based generator that may whip up thumbnails in seconds without prior design knowledge or experience.

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Revive is a man-made intelligence (AI)-driven platform that enables entrepreneurs and company owners to conceptualize, test, and refine their business ideas. It provides a forum for brainstorming and sharing company ideas and the resources to review goal demographics, pricing, and competition. As well as, Revive’s Market Evaluation function also generates in-the-moment studies covering market trends, SWOT evaluation, competitive landscape, and customer profiles. Revive also offers a free platform for brainstorming to help people in bringing their ideas to life. Revive makes it easy to place out a whole and convincing marketing strategy.

Optic AI or Not, provides an application programming interface (API) for automated, large-scale image evaluation. With assistance from Optic AI or Not, users can quickly and reliably ascertain if an image is the product of AI or human creativity. In cases when an AI was used to create the image, the optic will reveal which model was used (either mid-journey, regular diffusion, or DALL-E). And major picture formats like JPEG and PNG are supported by Optic AI or Not. Please make sure that the image format you need to submit is supported by doing the suitable conversion.

Magical is a web-based platform that helps online firms manage and automate their operations. Their mission is to help organizations in decreasing the time spent on manual tasks and increasing the standard of knowledge management. Automated tasks, client data management, and app and repair connections are only among the capabilities offered by this platform.

Using AI to supply content and design for web sites in response to user prompts, “prompt-based website development” is a novel approach to website creation. Firstlayr is an AI tool that creates unique layouts for web sites and apps based on a single prompt. The AI tool allows for extensive customization by editing and regenerating at each level of the creation process. This technology saves months and hundreds of dollars in comparison with the standard product design method.

Brain AI’s Imagica is a no-code AI creation platform that lets users construct AI applications from scratch without writing any code. It has a generative interface that could make applications turn out to be enterprises, a real-time data platform, multimodal functionality, and lightning-fast execution. Users can let their creativity run wild while using Imagica to construct AIs that may change the world.

Discover recent books with FindYourNextBook.ai, an AI-powered book suggestion service. The platform employs NLP to scan rankings, reviews, and other user-generated content to offer personalized reading recommendations. FindYourNextBook.ai also recommends books which are like best-sellers in genre and material.

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