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The Emerging Art of Prompt Engineering

The Emerging Art of Prompt Engineering

Towards Data Science

By now, even essentially the most casual generative-AI tinkerer knows that the specificity of 1’s prompt determines, to a big extent, the standard of a model’s output—whether that’s a practical image, an on-topic paragraph, or a code block that truly works.

Many industry leaders claim that prompt engineering—the practice of tailoring your input to enhance the model’s on-task performance—is a skill with a limited shelf life, given how rapidly AI technology is advancing. That is still to be seen; for now and for the foreseeable future, designing higher prompts stays a practical skill worthy of knowledge and ML practitioners’ attention.

To allow you to develop your prompting chops, we’ve chosen a few of our greatest recent articles on the subject, covering a large spectrum of use cases and experience levels. Let’s prompt away!

Photo by Jackie Hope on Unsplash


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