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Flick Review: The Best Instagram Hashtag Tool to Boost Reach

Flick Review: The Best Instagram Hashtag Tool to Boost Reach

If you happen to’re a social media manager or content creator like me, how confusing and overwhelming hashtags may be. Which to decide on? What number of? High competition or low competition? What’s going to garner probably the most reach? In any case, using the correct hashtags is crucial for reaching your audience.

Lucky for you, there are social media tools like Flick to assist! Flick is a hashtag tool that helps you discover the perfect hashtags in your posts, manage them, and track their performance. It’s compatible with multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Flick provides a number of information through their features to assist increase your reach on social media and attract potential clients, which we are going to cover in-depth on this Flick review. I’m not one to only list features because that will not assist you resolve whether or not Flick is true for you. As an alternative, I’ll personally show you easy methods to use each feature to see its effectiveness and explain every thing within the clearest way possible.

Flick’s principal features include the Hashtag Search to assist you compile the right list of low, medium, and high-competition hashtags for every of your posts, in addition to its Hashtag Manager to prepare your hashtags and see that are performing the perfect. It also has an Analytics feature that shows you your top-performing content and hashtag performance, and a Post Scheduler and AI assistant, so that you never run out of post ideas or take care of creative block when coming up with captions!

Once I show you each of those features, we’ll examine the professionals and cons, pricing, and effectiveness. By the top, you’ll need a transparent idea of whether or not Flick is true for you!

What’s Flick?

Flick is an AI-powered social marketing platform that handles every thing from effective hashtag research, management, analytics, post scheduling, and post idea and caption generation. It’s a superb all-in-one tool for social media marketers and content creators who struggle with knowing which hashtags to make use of, that are probably the most effective, and generating effective post ideas and captions.

With Flick’s helpful data and insights, you may make probably the most informed decisions about your hashtag strategy to achieve your audience by leveraging Flick’s comprehensive analytics. Trust me, it’s a necessary tool for saving effort and time while maximizing your reach on Instagram!

It’s compatible with various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn. It is also desktop and mobile-friendly (available on iOS and Android!), so you may copy and paste hashtags from Flick on to your social media app or post directly through Flick!

Flick Review: Key Features

Now for the features. Flick has five principal features that I actually have personally tested and can show you easy methods to use:

  1. Hashtag Search
  2. Hashtag Manager
  3. Instagram Analytics
  4. Post Scheduler
  5. AI Social Media Assistant

Let’s have a look at how these features will assist you along with your social media content strategy.

Hashtag Search

Flick Instagram Hashtag Search landing page.

Flick’s hashtag search feature makes it incredibly easy to seek out tons of of probably the most effective hashtags to enhance your organic reach on social media. Enter a keyword or phrase related to your post, and Flick will generate a listing of 40 relevant hashtags based on popularity, engagement, and competition.

Let’s take a better have a look at easy methods to use Flick’s hashtag search tool.

Hashtag Search Tutorial

Flick dashboard with the "Find Hashtags" action highlighted.

1. Start by choosing “Find Hashtags” on the highest left of your dashboard.

The search bar to find hashtags using Flick.

2. Next, Flick will ask you to look for brand new hashtags. Determining the hashtags you seek for will depend on the image itself. Start by searching probably the most relevant keywords related to your picture.

For instance, if I would like to post a photograph of buildings, I’ll seek for a keyword that pertains to a constructing, like “Architecture.”

Hashtags generated using Flick when searching for "Architecture."

As you may see, Flick has mechanically generated 40 hashtags related to the keyword “Architecture” and grouped them based on low, medium, and high competition. I can further my search by choosing the magnifying glass next to considered one of these hashtags to look for more based on that keyword.

Ways you can filter hashtags using Flick.

At the highest, you may filter the hashtags by the typical variety of likes received, the whole variety of posts, the DAPC (the typical variety of posts made every day using the hashtag), and keywords the hashtag should and shouldn’t contain.

And that is how you should use Flick to seek out the perfect, most relevant hashtags to spice up your engagement on social media! However it doesn’t stop there. You can even create collections of those hashtags with Flick’s hashtag manager.

Hashtag Manager

The Hashtag Manager for Instagram landing page for Flick.

Using hashtags on social media can get messy and overwhelming, especially once they add up over time. That is where Flick’s hashtag manager turns out to be useful.

With the hashtag manager, you may easily organize and save your favorite hashtags into collections. This makes it incredibly convenient when that you must use specific hashtags for various kinds of posts or campaigns.

Let’s take a look at easy methods to manage and organize the hashtags we’ve just looked for.

Hashtag Manager Tutorial

Selecting hashtags using Flick.

1. Once you’ve gotten searched a keyword using Flick’s Hashtag Search tool, Select multiple hashtags you are desirous about using by clicking on them (a minimum of 10 is advisable). You’ll be wanting to pick probably the most relevant hashtags with low, medium, and high competition.

Saving the selected hashtags to a collection using Flick.

2. Go to the blue bar at the underside and click on “Save to Collection.” Note you can copy these hashtags to stick in your post, directly create a brand new social media post using them through Flick, audit your selections to make sure they’re probably the most suitable, show the hashtags within the sidebar, or clear your selections.

The most effective parts is that Flick may be used in your computer and mobile device. This implies if you desire to copy and paste your hashtags onto your social media post using your phone, you may easily try this! The Flick mobile app works seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

Creating and naming a new collection using Flick.

3. Name your collection, select an appropriate emoji, and click on “Create.” Don’t ask me why I selected a Wizard because the emoji.

A new hashtag collection that has been created using Flick.

4. Go to “Collections” within the navigation menu and choose the gathering to see the hashtag collection you’ve gotten created. You may see data related to each hashtag, equivalent to the competition rating, potential reach, and more.

Above the hashtag collections, Flick has Smart collections to offer you insights into how your posts perform based on the hashtags you have used. Smart hashtags show you your Hashtags Used, Recently Ranked hashtags, and Top Performing hashtags (this can only be enabled once your Instagram account is linked).

You may organize your hashtags nonetheless you need, whether based on the post type, theme, campaign, or every other criteria that make sense in your social media strategy. Flick lets you easily manage and categorize your hashtag collections so you may at all times find the right hashtags in your posts.

Copying the hashtag collection or creating a new post using Flick.

5. Once you’ve gotten organized and created your hashtag collection, it is time to use them! You may now select them, copy and paste the hashtags into your social media posts by going to the “Copy Collection” button on the highest right, or use Flick’s integrated feature to create a brand new post directly from Flick by choosing the blue bar at the underside.

And that is how easy managing your hashtags is with Flick! Now, you may save time and effectively organize your hashtags, never having to take care of clunky note-taking apps to administer your hashtags again.

Instagram Analytics

The Instagram Analytics Tool landing page for Flick.

Flick also gives you helpful insights into your Instagram analytics to enhance your content strategy. That is where you may track over 20 key metrics, including hashtag performance, post performance, and engagement rates, ultimately gaining a deeper understanding of your audience.

Selecting "View Analytics" on the Flick dashboard.

When you connect your Instagram profile, you may access analytics by going to “View Analytics” in your dashboard or “Overview” under Analytics within the menu on the left.

Analytics sourced from Flick.

Flick goes beyond showing only the important thing hashtag metrics. You may have the ability to view a wide selection of metrics, including:

  • Follower count
  • People reached
  • Profile visits
  • Website clicks
  • Audience activity (when your followers are most energetic and where they’re geographically)
  • Reach and impressions
  • Profile activity
  • Content insights on where you may improve (including feed, reels, and stories)
  • Engagements
  • Average engagement rate
  • Hashtag performance

By making the most of Flick’s Instagram Analytics tool, you may gain helpful insights into your Instagram performance and make data-driven decisions to reinforce your content strategy. I find it a robust tool to make sure you’re profiting from your hashtags and content strategy.


Instagram Analytics Reports landing page for Flick.

And let’s not ignore Flick’s Instagram Analytics Reports!

If you happen to’d like, Flick will send you a weekly report that features information in your account’s performance, including:

  • Account activity (reach, impressions, profile views, etc.)
  • Top-performing content
  • Hashtag performance
  • Tips about easy methods to improve your Instagram content strategy

You may easily share these reports along with your team members or clients.

Post Scheduler

Instagram Post Scheduler landing page for Flick.

With Flick’s Post Scheduler, you may easily plan and schedule your social media posts upfront by simply going to “Scheduling” within the left menu. You may post on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or LinkedIn; the sorts of posts can range from Reels, Carousels, and Feed posts.

Here’s what Flick’s Post Scheduler looks like to offer you an idea:

Flick's Post Scheduler.

At the highest, you may view your content schedule in several ways, whether weekly, monthly, or as your feed.

Let’s have a look at easy methods to schedule a post!

Flick’s Post Scheduler Tutorial

Here is how you may schedule a post using Flick’s Post Scheduler! In this instance, I shall be making a LinkedIn post.

Selecting the

1. Go to “Latest Post” on the highest right.

Uploading media to create a LinkedIn Post using Flick.

2. Click “Upload” so as to add the media you desire to post.

Writing a caption for a post made through Flick.

3. Select your media and write a caption.

Flick has a brand new AI caption assistant using Artificial Intelligence to put in writing engaging captions tailored to your content. If you happen to’re having difficulty coming up with something like I did, select the “Caption Assistant” button, your tone of voice, select in case you want it to be written in first, second, or third person, and enter your post topic.

Once generated, be happy to enhance it with AI, change the tone of voice, or make it longer or shorter with the tools at the underside.

Adding hashtags to a post using Flick.

4. Add hashtags by choosing the “Hashtags” button at the underside. Forget copying and pasting hashtags out of your notes app; you will have the ability to quickly and simply add your hashtags with the clicking of a button either out of your collections, ones you’ve gotten previously chosen, or get the hashtag generator to generate a listing for you.

Scheduling the date and time of a post made using Flick.

5. Select the date and time you wish your post to go live. If you happen to are scheduling an Instagram post, Flick will recommend the perfect time to post based in your follower’s activity.

6. Once satisfied along with your post, click “Schedule,” and Flick will deal with the remaining! Your post shall be mechanically added to the calendar inside Flick and published on the designated time.

AI Social Media Assistant

Flick's AI Social Marketing Assistant landing page.

Last but not least, we’ve Flick’s newest feature, the AI Social Media Assistant. You may access this under “Ideas” within the menu, which can bring you to the Content Lab.

Here, you’ve gotten three options:

  1. Brainstorm ideas: Use AI to generate unique content ideas in minutes.
  2. Create a Post: Use AI to generate social media captions.
  3. Re-purpose Content: Use AI to rework your existing content (blog posts, YouTube videos, social posts) into fresh posts with minimal effort.

I actually have personally tried all three of those features, which yow will discover at the highest in “Ideas” on the left menu. Let’s have a look at how they did!

Flick's AI Social Assistant content lab.

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Flick's AI Social Assistant for brainstorming ideas.

1. Enter a subject or theme. I entered “Distant Working in Portugal” and chosen “Brainstorm Ideas.”

Refining the direction of the topic using Flick's AI Social Assistant for brainstorming ideas.

2. Next, you’ve gotten to refine your direction based in your topic. I went with “Embracing the Coastal Lifestyle While Working Remotely in Portugal.” Select “Get Post Ideas.”

Selecting the post idea and adding it to

3. In a number of seconds, Flick generated 4 post ideas. I can replace them or add 4 more if I’d like. Select your post ideas and click on “Add to My Ideas.”

A social media post idea created in Flick's AI Social Assistant Content Lab.

4. This post idea will now be in your Content Lab, where you may create a social media post.

The Brainstorm Ideas feature is a superb option to never run out of content ideas for social media.

2. Create a Post

The Create a Post feature lets you generate captions faster than ever using AI. Here’s easy methods to use it.

Generating a caption for a post using Flick's AI Social Assistant.

1. Describe your post topic, length, tone, and viewpoint, and hit “Generate Caption” when ready. Here’s what Flick’s content assistant generated:

A caption that has been generated using Flick's AI Social Assistant.

2. You may now tweak this and post directly in your chosen social media platform by clicking “Proceed” and scheduling it or saving it as a draft.

Flick’s Create a Post feature is ideal for if you need a catchy caption or want to avoid wasting time creating engaging content. With just a number of clicks, Flick’s AI Social Media Assistant can assist you generate fascinating posts that resonate along with your audience.

3. Re-purpose Content

Repurposing content using Flick's AI Social Assistant.

The Re-purpose Content feature is a game-changer for busy marketers and social media managers. It lets you transform your existing content into fresh posts with minimal effort. Here’s easy methods to use it!

1. Paste the URL of the piece of content you desire to re-purpose, equivalent to an article, YouTube video, or social post. In this instance, I pasted an article URL I wrote reviewing Copy AI and hit “Repurpose.”

Listed below are the ideas Flick generated:

Selecting the ideas to turn into social posts using Flick's AI Social Assistant.

2. Select the ideas you want from the list and click on “Turn into Social Posts.”

Post ideas in Flick's Content Lab.

Flick will move these into the Content Lab, where you may post on social media or generate similar posts.


  • Easy to make use of.
  • 7-day free trial.
  • Clean interface
  • Cost-effective in comparison with other tools.
  • Instagram analytics.
  • Hashtag search and management.
  • AI tools to hurry up the posting process, generate ideas, remove author’s block for captions, and more.


  • It doesn’t let you know what number of hashtags you must use.
  • Some hashtags may be irrelevant.


Flick's monthly pricing table.
Flick monthly pricing plans.
Flick's annual pricing table.
Flick annual pricing plans.

Three pricing tiers can be found on monthly or annual plans. Each comes with a 7-day free trial to see if Flick is the correct fit for you.

Solo: Best for Creators & Entrepreneurs

Flick's Solo plan.

Best for creators and entrepreneurs.

Price: £14 billed monthly or £11 billed annually (save 20%).

  • Link 4 social media profiles
  • 1 user
  • Schedule 30 posts per platform
  • Track 20 Instagram posts
  • Limited access to features


Flick's Pro plan.

Best for business owners and marketers.

Price: £30 billed monthly or £24 billed annually (save 20%).

  • Link 8 social media profiles
  • 2 users
  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Track unlimited Instagram posts
  • Access all features


Flick's Agency plan.

Best for those with multiple clients.

Price: £68 billed monthly or £55 billed annually (save 20%).

  • Link 20 social media profiles
  • 5 users
  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Track unlimited Instagram posts
  • Access all features

Flick Review: Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Flick is an exceptional hashtag tool for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn that may significantly boost your reach and engagement. Its powerful features just like the hashtag search, manager, and analytics reports, make it vital tool for social media marketers and content creators.

Flick’s user-friendly interface and AI social media assistant set it other than its competitors out there. With different pricing options available to fit your budget, Flick caters to the needs of a wide selection of users.

If you desire to maximize your reach on social media, drive more traffic to your profile (and perhaps even grow to be the subsequent TikTok star?) Flick is unquestionably well worth the investment. Give it a attempt to experience the difference it will possibly make in growing your social media presence.

Continuously Asked Questions

Does Flick actually work?

Many content creators and social media marketers swear by Flick, claiming it helps them select the perfect hashtags to extend their reach and engagement. Nonetheless, the effectiveness of Flick may vary based on area of interest and competition. Flick has a 7-day free trial, so try the tool for yourself to see how it really works!

Is Flick protected to make use of with Instagram?

Flick is a protected tool to make use of with Instagram. It adheres to Instagram’s terms of service and doesn’t violate any rules or guidelines. Flick also prioritizes user data security with secure servers and encryption methods.

How much does Flick charge?

Flick offers different pricing plans starting from £11 to £68 based on the variety of posts you desire to schedule and track and what number of features you wish access to.

  • The Solo plan is priced at £14 billed monthly or £11 billed annually, allowing for 30 scheduled posts and access to some features.
  • The Pro plan is priced at £30 billed monthly or £24 billed annually, allowing unlimited scheduled posts and access to all features.
  • The Agency plan is priced at £68 billed monthly or £55 billed annually, also allowing unlimited scheduled posts and access to all features, but you may link 20 social profiles and have as much as 5 users.

What makes Flick stand out from its competitors?

Flick sets itself other than competitors with its comprehensive database of quality hashtags starting from low, medium, and high competition. It also has some really neat and useful AI features to assist you with idea generation, caption generation, and turning blog posts and YouTube videos into social media posts. It also has a handy Post Scheduler and Analytics to see your posts’ performance.

Who Should Use Flick?

Many individuals profit from using Flick, particularly social media marketers, content creators, businesses, and anyone looking to avoid wasting a number of effort and time on hashtag research.

And with Flick’s latest AI features that assist you brainstorm ideas and generate content quickly, there’s all of the more reason to reap the benefits of this tool. Even bloggers and YouTubers can turn their articles and videos into social media posts, effortlessly expanding their reach onto other platforms.

Is Flick Definitely worth the Investment for Boosting Instagram Reach?

If you desire to maximize your reach on social media using hashtags, Flick is price investing in. Try Flick’s 7-day free trial to see in case you prefer it, and it’s well worth the investment! Start on the Solo plan for probably the most inexpensive pricing and go from there.


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