Home Community Kinara Unveils Ara-2 Processor: Revolutionizing On-Device AI Processing for Enhanced Performance

Kinara Unveils Ara-2 Processor: Revolutionizing On-Device AI Processing for Enhanced Performance

Kinara Unveils Ara-2 Processor: Revolutionizing On-Device AI Processing for Enhanced Performance

Kinara, a pioneering entity in energy-efficient artificial intelligence at the sting, has introduced its groundbreaking Ara-2 processor, touting its capability to empower large language models (LLMs) and various generative AI models on-device with a remarkable eightfold performance enhancement in comparison with its predecessor.

The brainchild of Kinara’s relentless pursuit of innovation, the Ara-2 processor marks a big step forward of their array of processors, providing customers with a spectrum of performance and value options tailored to their specific requirements. The team underlined the importance of this latest addition by delineating its distinct functionalities. They detailed the roles of Ara-1 and Ara-2 processors, highlighting Ara-1’s proficiency in catering to smart cameras and edge AI devices handling 2-8 video streams. In contrast, Ara-2 showcased its competence in managing a significantly heavier workload, adeptly handling 16-32+ video streams directed toward edge servers, laptops, and high-end cameras.

The team further expounded on the transformative potential of Ara-2, emphasizing its pivotal role in enhancing object detection, recognition, and tracking. Leveraging advanced computing engines, this processor excels in processing higher-resolution images swiftly and with notably heightened accuracy. Moreover, its prowess in processing Generative AI models is exemplified by achieving a remarkable speed of 10 seconds per image for Stable Diffusion and generating tens of tokens per second for LLaMA-7B.

Designed as a successor to Ara-1, the Ara-2 chip is a formidable upgrade, promising an exponential performance boost—reportedly five to eight times more powerful than its predecessor. Kinara asserts that the Ara-2 chip has the potential to supplant higher-cost and power-intensive graphics processors across various models, especially catering to the needs of enormous language models (LLMs).

Anticipated to be unveiled on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2024, Kinara has confirmed multiple iterations of the Ara-2 processor. It’ll be available as a standalone chip, single-chip USB and M.2 modules, and a PCI Express add-in board integrating 4 Ara-2 chips operating in parallel. Despite anticipating its release, Kinara has avoided disclosing pricing details, leaving enthusiasts and consumers desirous to explore this technological marvel.

In conclusion, Kinara’s Ara-2 processor heralds a brand new era in on-device AI processing, presenting a compelling mix of cutting-edge performance, versatility, and efficiency. Its imminent showcase at CES sparks intrigue across industries, hinting at a transformative tool poised to redefine the landscape of edge AI technology.


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