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Introducing ChatGPT Team

Introducing ChatGPT Team

Integrating AI into on a regular basis organizational workflows could make your team more productive. In a recent study by the Harvard Business School, employees at Boston Consulting Group who got access to GPT-4 reported completing tasks 25% faster and achieved a 40% higher quality of their work as in comparison with their peers who didn’t have access.[^study]

Connor O’Brien, VP of GTM Strategy & Operations at Sourcegraph, shares, “We use ChatGPT in almost every a part of our business, from financial modeling for pricing and packaging to internal and external communications to board prep to recruiting and note taking—it’s accelerated all the pieces we do allowing us to execute at a high level.”

Dr. John Brownstein, Chief Innovation Officer at Boston Children’s Hospital says, “With ChatGPT Team, we’ve been in a position to pilot revolutionary GPTs that enhance our team’s productivity and collaboration. As we integrate GPTs safely and responsibly across internal operations, we all know the transformative impact this can have in strengthening the systems that enable our doctors, researchers, students, and administrative staff to supply exceptional care to each patient that walks through our doors.”

ChatGPT Team costs $25/month per user when billed annually, or $30/month per user when billed monthly. You’ll be able to explore the main points or start now by upgrading in your ChatGPT settings.


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