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BasedLabs Review: Can AI Convert Images to Video Immediately?

BasedLabs Review: Can AI Convert Images to Video Immediately?

As creators, we all the time look for tactics to streamline our workflow without compromising content quality.

I recently got here across BasedLabs, a robust AI video generator with AI photo editing tools that turns static images into charming videos in seconds. Its tools are great for creating engaging content that stands out, showing off products, creating funny memes, and more.

I desired to get a more in-depth have a look at what this platform could do, so I put together this BasedLabs review!

I’ll begin by explaining BaseLabs, who it’s best for, and its key features. From there, I’ll show you the way I used to be in a position to generate this image and switch it right into a video using BaseLabs so you possibly can, too:

I’ll finish the article with the perfect BaseLabs alternatives that I’ve tried so you already know if it’s the suitable platform for you! Let’s have a look.


BasedLabs AI offers a comprehensive suite of AI tools for images that streamline the content creation process and deliver high-quality results. Generating and turning photos into charming videos is straightforward and only takes seconds!

While its ease of use caters to users of all skill levels, there may very well be more editing control over the generated outcomes, and specific technical points may very well be simplified for a smoother user experience.

Despite these minor drawbacks, BasedLabs is a useful resource for creators wanting to simplify their image editing and AI video creation process!


  • 25 free credits to try BaseLab’s AI tools for crafting custom videos and editing images.
  • The intuitive interface and user-friendly tools cater to novices and experienced creators.
  • Quite a lot of models and effects to suit different artistic tastes.
  • A community for enthusiasts to share, exchange ideas and collaborate with like-minded creatives globally.
  • Streamlines the creative workflow to save lots of time and increase productivity.
  • Inexpensive pricing plans.


  • Sign-in options are limited to Discord or Google.
  • Certain points, like the several models, are a bit technical.
  • More control over video editing outcomes could be excellent.
  • There could also be some distortions in the ultimate results.

What’s BasedLabs?

BasedLabs.ai is a creative hub for video generation, offering AI-powered tools to edit photos and switch static images into charming AI-generated videos and abstract animations. Listed below are the leading AI tools that include BasedLabs:

With BasedLabs AI, creators can quickly generate engaging videos, find inspiration, and connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

BasedLabs.ai offers the tools and resources needed to bring your vision to life, whether you’re creating videos for social media, businesses, or personal projects.

Who’s BasedLabs Best For?

BasedLabs is a wonderful tool for anyone wanting to show their images into dynamic videos and access AI image editors to hurry up their workflow. Nevertheless, there are specific sorts of individuals who profit most from BasedLabs AI:

  • Creators: BasedLabs.ai streamlines video creation by providing creators with AI tools. Its user-friendly interface and robust features for beginners and experienced creators make it a wonderful platform to boost content creation.
  • Social Media Influencers: BasedLabs’ AI tools are perfect for content creation. With the AI tools BasedLabs offers, influencers can create high-quality visuals and funny memes to interact their audience, herald latest followers, and stand out.
  • Business Owners: BasedLabs helps businesses enhance visual content to draw customers. They transform static product photos into dynamic videos for marketing materials, significantly setting them other than competitors.
  • Photographers: BasedLabs offers AI-enhanced video creation tools for photographers to raise their work. Quickly transform still images into engaging videos, showcase portfolios dynamically, and reach a broader audience!

BasedLabs’ Key Features

BasedLabs offers a wide selection of AI image and video apps to streamline video creation and image editing. Listed below are its key features:

  1. AI Video Generator
  2. AI Faceswap Generator
  3. AI Selfie Generator
  4. AI Image Extender
  5. AI Image Upscaler

1. AI Video Generator

The BasedLabs AI video generator.

Simplify the video creation process with BasedLabs’ AI Video Generator! It uses artificial intelligence to effortlessly turn existing or AI-generated photos into dynamic and fascinating videos.

All you’ve gotten to do is upload or generate a picture using BaseLabs, and it’ll turn your static image right into a video! Here is the video I generated with the BaseLabs AI video generator:

The movements are subtle, and the video is brief, nevertheless it’s an important option to transform your images into engaging video content immediately!

2. AI Face Swap Generator

The BaseLabs AI Face Swap Generator.

If you should add humor to your images, BasedLabs’ AI Faceswap Generator is the right tool! It’s excellent for making memes or generally funny content.

All you’ve gotten to do is upload a base photo for the model. Next, upload a goal image to swap out the face. With just just a few clicks, you possibly can create entertaining content and convey a brand new level of creativity to your photos!

It’s a straightforward option to create realistic face transformations. Plus, BasedLabs only retains images for now not than an hour, so your privacy is all the time protected.

Read more on the perfect AI Faceswap Generators.

3. AI Selfie Generator

The BasedLabs AI Selfie Generator.

When you’re not big on taking selfies, get BasedLabs’ selfie generator to assist!

Just upload a pose image because the model and a face to be placed on it. From there, describe what you would like the selfie to appear to be and generate selfies immediately! It’s an important option to create custom, unique-looking selfies which are highly personalized.

4. AI Image Extender

BasedLabs AI image extender.

With BasedLabs.ai AI image extender, describe what you should add and generate larger photos with more context. Never worry about over-cropping your photos again!

To make use of the AI image extender, generate or upload your image. Next, select the scale to expand the photo and describe what you should add.

This tool is superb for creating multiple aspect ratios of your images, particularly for social media.

5. AI Image Upscaler

BasedLabs AI image upscaler.

BasedLabs’s AI Image Upscaler means you possibly can optimize image sharpness and quality, elevating the resolution of your images without having to do it manually! You may as well expand your photos as much as 4 times the scale.

To upscale, upload your images, adjust the dimensions to how much you would like, and immediately upscale it. It’s an important option to boost the resolution of your photos for private and skilled use.

Read more on the perfect AI Image Upscalers.

Tips on how to Use BasedLabs to Generate AI Videos

Here’s how I used BasedLabs to generate a singular image and switch it right into a video using AI!

  1. Select Generate
  2. Register with Discord or Google
  3. Create a Username
  4. Upload or Generate Images
  5. Select a Model
  6. Add LoRA
  7. Enable/Disable Upscale
  8. Add Text Prompts
  9. Select the Variety of Images & Aspect Ratio
  10. Adjust the Advanced Settings
  11. Generate & Open within the Editor
  12. Adjust the Video Model Settings
  13. Download & Publish

Step 1: Select Generate

Selecting generate on the BasedLabs homepage.

I began by going to the BaseLabs homepage and choosing “Generate.”

Step 2: Register with Discord or Google

BasedLabs sign in options.

Next, I signed into BasedLabs. It’s essential to check in via Discord or Google.

Step 3: Create a Username

Claiming a username with BasedLabs.

Once signed in, I picked a singular username and hit “Start your journey.”

Step 4: Upload or Generate Images

BasedLabs AI video generator.

Next, BaseLabs immediately took me to the AI video generator, where I could upload or generate images using AI. Since I had no photos, I selected to generate them.

Step 5: Select a Model

Choosing a model using BasedLabs AI video generator.

To generate my images, I began by choosing the model I wanted to make use of. There have been seven models to select from for various purposes:

  1. RealVisXL V4.0: Prioritizes photorealism. Can produce SFW and SNFW images.
  2. PixelArt XL: Creates pixel art for a retro, 8-bit effect.
  3. NightVision XL: A photography-focused SDXL model with pleasing aesthetics.
  4. epiCRealism: Ideal for generating realistic men and girls.
  5. ZavyChroma XL: Merges magic and realism.
  6. AlbedoBase XL: Trained on billions of parameters, this model produces diverse results just like Midjourney.
  7. Juggernaut XL: Essentially the most general model for generating clear pictures for a lot of uses.

I selected Juggernaut XL to generate the clearest pictures possible.

Step 6: Add LoRA

Adding LoRA using BasedLabs.

LoRA adds additional effects to the ultimate output, similar to electric, fractal geometry, dissolve, comic book style, explosion, bling, particles, polygon, and glitch. I kept this on “None” and continued.

Step 7: Enable/Disable Upscale

The upscale toggle on BasedLabs.

Next was the choice to enable or disable Upscale to enlarge the image without losing quality. Upscaling is best for presenting your output in larger formats (e.g., TV and film). I kept this turned off, but be happy to show it on if it is sensible.

Step 8: Add Text Prompts

Adding text prompts to BasedLabs.

BasedLabs asked me so as to add a positive and a negative text prompt. The positive prompt described what I desired to see in the ultimate image, while the negative one explained what I didn’t want.

I wasn’t sure what to place here, so I chosen the BasedLabs Prompt Library for inspiration.

Some of BaseLabs Juggernaut XL text prompts with examples.

The prompt library showed different examples of text prompts with their results based on the chosen model, so it was easy to search out a prompt that produced good results and make tweaks if needed.

Listed below are the text prompts I inserted:

  • Positive: Photo of a ginger woman in space, futuristic space suit, (freckles:0.8) cute face, sci-fi, dystopian, detailed eyes, blue eyes.
  • Negative: Cartoon, painting, illustration, (worst quality, low quality, normal quality:2), (watermark), immature, child.

Step 9: Select the Variety of Images & Aspect Ratio

Selecting the number of images and the aspect ratio using BasedLabs.

Next, BaseLabs asked me what number of images I desired to generate and the aspect ratio. I could generate one to 4 images concurrently and choose from square, landscape, and portrait aspect ratios.

Step 10: Adjust the Advanced Settings

Adjusting the advanced settings on BasedLabs,

The ultimate step was to regulate the advanced settings if I wanted. I kept these on default.

Step 11: Generate & Open within the Editor

Image generated with BasedLabs.

I hit “Generate Images,” and after just a few minutes, BaseLabs generated my image! I used to be glad to see that the outcomes were top quality and accurate.

Opening the generated image in the BasedLabs editor.

Below the image, I chosen “Open in Editor.”

Step 12: Adjust the Video Model Settings

Making a video with BasedLabs image to video editor.

Opening my generated image within the editor allowed me to convert my photo right into a video.

I had two models to select from (svd and i2vgen), and I could also select the camera direction motion (SVD 1.1, SVD 1.0, or SVD 1.0 Camera Ctrl). Below that, I could increase or decrease the motion between 25 and 140.

I kept all the pieces on default with the motion at 80. Be happy to regulate these settings to your liking.

Once I used to be glad with all the pieces, I chosen “Make Video.” BasedLabs immediately began rendering my image.

Step 13: Download & Publish

After just a few minutes, BaseLabs rendered my image right into a video! I used to be thrilled with the outcomes.

BasedLabs gave me three options for a way I desired to move forward:

  1. Smoothen the video for five credits.
  2. Download the video.
  3. Publish the video.

The video was already very smooth, so I downloaded and published it.

Overall, my experience with BaseLabs was great! The method was straightforward, and I’m glad with the outcomes.

Some settings were a bit too technical, and having more control over how BaseLabs would turn the image right into a video would have been nice. Regardless, turning my static image right into a dynamic video was a fun process!

Top 3 BasedLabs Alternatives

Listed below are the perfect BasedLabs alternatives that I even have tried.


Pictory is an AI video generator primarily made for content marketers to create and edit skilled videos with text in minutes! With Pictory, you possibly can turn entire scripts and blogs into videos, edit videos using text, create shareable highlight reels, and more.

Pictory and BasedLabs are extremely user-friendly AI tools. Nevertheless, for content creators seeking to supercharge their content creation workflow, you will need to decide on Pictory over BasedLabs. If you should experiment with bringing your images to life in a creative way while getting access to user-friendly AI image editing tools, select BasedLabs!

Read our Pictory Review or visit Pictory.


Synthesys offers AI tools to assist you create skilled content at scale. It has an AI voice generator, an AI video generator with avatars, an AI image generator, a voice cloner, and more. You’ll be able to even customize the avatars utilized in the videos to raise your brand presence!

When you’re seeking to generate videos with realistic avatars, Synthesys is a wonderful alternative. It also offers many more voice-generation tools so as to add voiceovers to your videos.

BasedLabs is great for turning your images into dynamic videos while offering excellent AI image editing tools just like the image upscaler and extender. Meanwhile, the face swap tool and selfie generator are great for generating and customizing profile pictures.

Read our Synthesys Review or visit Synthesys.


InVideo is an AI video maker for content creators. It has a wide selection of AI tools, including talking avatars, a script generator, text-to-video, a video editor and generator, a faceless video generator, and a voice generator. It also has editing tools, including a YouTube video editor and slideshow maker!

When you’re a YouTuber or do numerous presentations, InVideo can be the perfect alternative for you. If you should turn your static images into dynamic images to face out and luxuriate in access to AI image editing tools, BasedLabs is the more sensible choice!

Read our InVideo Review or visit InVideo.

BasedLabs AI Review: The Best AI Image & Video Tools?

BasedLabs offers a variety of AI tools which are sure to boost the content creation process. It only took seconds for BaseLabs to generate a high-quality, unique image and switch it right into a dynamic video. The whole process was seamless, making this a wonderful tool for users of all levels, including those with little experience.

The largest downfall I discovered with BaseLabs was that it was a bit too technical at times, so I ended up leaving things on default because I didn’t understand what certain settings would do. As well as, having more editing control over how BasedLabs would turn my image right into a video would have been nice.

Regardless, BasedLabs did a wonderful job generating a high-quality image that aligned with my text prompt and turning it right into a charming video! I used to be pleased with the outcomes. The opposite tools that BaseLabs offers also turn out to be useful when editing images.

Thanks for reading my BasedLabs review! I hope you found it helpful. BasedLabs offers a free trial with 25 credits to try its AI tools out, so why not try it?

Ceaselessly Asked Questions

How do you utilize Based Labs AI?

To make use of BasedLabs AI’s video generator, create an account by signing in to Discord or Google. From there, upload or generate a picture, and get BasedLabs to show your photo right into a video!

You’ll be able to try BasedLabs’ other apps by going to the “Apps” tab and choosing “Try App” on the one that you just’re serious about.


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